The Noo Croo Movie

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“The Noo Croo” is an independent Puppet-mation™ ( puppetry and animation ) feature movie production from Croo Studios of Vancouver, BC.  The Noo Croo is based on the cartoons of the Artist Namm and is written and directed by Innis MacK. Storyline On a planet far in the future Moo and Draco, two fierce mean creatures, fly in a small spacepan searching …

Noo Croo new Update

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Hi All, The lastest News about the Noo Croo is we are going live in our campaign to share the Movie for Free around the world so that others can enjoy it. Movies are meant to be seen!  Enjoy!

The Beginning

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This is the Noo Croo blog where I will attempt to keep you all up to date with our progress.  The Noo Croo are completely unkown.  Hopefully by using this blog and social media we can make  Moo, Draco, Kappa, Zeta, Gamma, Omi, Tau and Pi as well as Megawattie and all the gang famous and known around the world. …