New Feature Movie for the Whole Family!  Entertain the Kids with the Fantastic Puppet-mation™ Movie: “The Noo Croo: Fables from  the Future”

“Highly entertaining family fun!”   “Based on the Classic Aesop’s Fables”, “Fantastic story”,  “Unforgettable characters”  

“On a planet far in the future a new breed of creatures escapes their cruel masters and encounters many scary adventures in their quest for love.”

Meet the Noo Croo Characters


Draco is the mean enforcer who keeps the Croo in line.  His favourite saying is “Suffer and smile!”


Moo is a a really fierce slave boss and she keeps the Croo in line and is relentless.


Kappa is really strong and a little bit crazy.  He has three legs and is a triped.


Gamma is the loudest of  the Croo. He likes to take charge and considers himself the spokesman for the Croo. Gam is a biped.


Zeta is the tallest and strongest of the Croo.  He is also the most sensitive and has a big heart and very easily falls in love. Occasionally he will break out into song. Zeta is a biped.


Tau is the most realistic of the Croo.  He is grouchy and is the rebel and always getting in trouble.  Tau is a biped.


Omi is the smartest of the Croo.  He always finds solutions to problems and gets the Croo out of trouble. Omi is a biped.


Megawattie is a giant electric eel that provides electricity and also guards the cave and eats any Croo member if they try to escape. 

Original Entertainment for the Whole Family!  


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